Bike Week & European Week of Sport - Cycling with a child on the road resource

 25 Sep 2020

Cycling with a child on the road resource

Once a child has learned to cycle, they will want to progress to using their skills to moving around where they live. In preparation for this an adult needs to be sure that a child has the necessary skills and that they have plenty of practice using those skills on the road so that they build lots of confidence and awareness of safe positioning. The key to this is adults cycling with children on the road.

When cycling with a child on the road, it is important that an adult cycles in position to offer the child support and some protection from traffic coming from behind. This is generally just behind and a step out from the position of the child who will be cycling a step out from the kerb. At junctions, the adult needs to make sure the child can clearly see to be able to judge when it is safe to move away, with the adult close by to support that decision-making (but not blocking the view!) and ready to step in if needed.

For guidance around cycling with a child on the road, check out Cycling Ireland's four Cycling with a Child on the Road films here to see positioning for road junctions and to find out more!