Irish Heart Month

 31 Aug 2020

The Irish Heart Foundation is delighted to announce the launch of Heart Month 2020 for the month of September

Due to coronavirus many of us now find ourselves working from home.  A recent survey found that we are spending an extra two and a half hours sitting down every day due to our new work from home routine.  Sitting down for a large portion of the day can increase our risk of heart disease and stroke, counteracting the health benefits we get from regular exercise.

This September, we have created the Escape Your Chair challenge to encourage everyone to get up and move for one minute, every hour of the working day.  Sign up to receive regular reminders, a fun weekly plan, videos, and tips throughout the month.

We’re delighted to have Fitness Expert, Broadcaster and Author, Karl Henry as our Escape Your Chair Ambassador.  

Visit our dedicated website where you can calculate your sitting time, read our new e-leaflet on creating a healthy work from home environment and sign up to the Escape Your Chair challenge.

Join us this Heart Month as we escape our chairs!