Park Run Parktoberfest is here

 30 Sep 2020

In a worldwide celebration of parkrun’s 16th anniversary, join us for a special month of community, the outdoors and physical activity at parktoberfest.

Have you been searching for an opportunity to have a bit of fun, walking, jogging or running in your local neighbourhood? Something that is free, easy to do and doesn’t require any experience or fancy gear?

Look no further! parktoberfest is here, and absolutely anyone can take part.

Building on the success of (not)parkrun, we’re encouraging people to get together with friends, family, neighbours (respecting local and national government guidelines) and inspire each other to complete as many (not)parkruns as possible in the month of October.

You choose the course and decide when and how you want to take part. You could stroll or jog around a park, plot out a route around your local streets, or complete your (not)parkrun as part of your daily routine. You might clock up the distance whilst going shopping, dropping the kids at school, or when out doing some errands. It all counts, it all adds up, and it can all make you healthier and happier. You don’t have to do it all in one go, you can stop for a cuppa in the middle, bring a dog or buggy, do it alone or with someone else. (not)parkrun can be whatever you want it to be.

Once you have completed the distance simply log your time via your parkrun profile. If you’re new to parkrun, just sign up here to register and take part.

And now junior parkrunners can register their own walk, jog, or run. Like normal junior parkruns, which are 2k in length, 4 – 14year olds can complete this distance and see their name in lights when they log their time.

You don’t need to have done a parkrun before to take part. We’ve already welcomed more than 5,000 first time (not)parkrunners who are yet to complete an actual parkrun event. All you need to do is register for parkrun, and then have fun creating your own (not)parkrun.

And, if you’re a regular parkrunner, why not encourage someone who has never been to parkrun to join you on your next walk, jog or run?

Whatever the weather, whatever the time of day, wherever you live, join thousands of others around the world in completing some (not)parkruns for parktoberfest and get a much-needed dose of fun, activity and positivity.

Get active. Have fun. (not)parkrun.