Publications of Offaly Sports Partnership and Guideline documents for clubs and organisations.
Annual Reports
10th October 2016
Annual Reports of Offaly Sports Partnership
application/pdf Annual report 2015.pdf (3.02 MB)
application/pdf Annual Report 2014.pdf (5.11 MB)
application/pdf Sports Inclusion Development Programme Annual Report 2014.pdf (2.7 MB)
application/pdf Annual Report 2013.pdf (7.83 MB)
application/pdf Annual Report 2012.pdf (2.52 MB)
application/pdf Annual Report 2011.pdf (4.25 MB)
application/pdf Annual report 2010.pdf (3.24 MB)
application/pdf Annual report 09.pdf (6.34 MB)
application/pdf Annual Report 2008.pdf (1.32 MB)
Newsletters of Offaly Sports Partnership
18th May 2017
application/pdf Winter 2016.pdf (4.81 MB)
application/pdf Summer Autumn 2016.pdf (3.34 MB)
application/pdf April 2016.pdf (2.42 MB)
application/pdf January 2016.pdf (783.29 KB)
Midlands Sports Partnership Publications
18th May 2017
The Midlands Sports Partnership network includes the sports partnerships in Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath. From time to time the network develops resources for use by clubs and organisations throughout the midlands area. Take a look at some of our publications below.
application/pdf Volunteering in changing times.pdf (1.81 MB)
Get Ireland Active
31st August 2016
Promoting physical activity complements national strategies to improve nutrition, and to reduce tobacco, drug and alcohol use. It also impacts positively on efforts to enhance social environments through reduced violence and improved social interaction and integration. These widespread benefits underpin the need to establish and integrate public policy on physical activity in the context of health, education, environment, sport and transport at national and local levels. The publication in 2009 of The National Guidelines on Physical Activity for Ireland is an important step in this process. The guidelines establish a national consensus, based on international expert opinion and evidence, on appropriate levels of health enhancing physical activity for the Irish population.
application/pdf Get Ireland Active - physical activity guidelines.pdf (5.99 MB)
application/pdf Get Ireland Active - get active your way.pdf (0.91 MB)
application/pdf Get Ireland Active - factsheet for adults.pdf (665.02 KB)
application/pdf Get Ireland Active - factsheet for parents and guardians.pdf (573.41 KB)
Guidelines for clubs
31st August 2016
application/pdf Flu info for sports clubs.pdf (214.14 KB)
application/pdf Tax relief for donations to certain sports bodies.pdf (77.04 KB)
Sport Ireland Factsheets
31st August 2016
application/pdf Sport Ireland - stimulants fact sheet.pdf (320.14 KB)
application/pdf Sport Ireland - supplements & sports food policy.pdf (281.34 KB)
Parents in Sport
18th May 2017
Parents play a pivotal role in encouraging and supporting their child’s participation, success and fun when playing sport. Check out the parents in sport resources from 2016 here
application/pdf Parents in sport.pdf (268.9 KB)
application/pdf Why parents are great for sport.pdf (277.95 KB)
application/pdf Poor parental behaviour and its effects on children in sport.pdf (295.91 KB)
application/pdf What sports clubs can do.pdf (295.04 KB)