#NatureMoves social media campaign launched

 29 Apr 2020

Encouraging physical activity in nature

Supported by @SportIrlenad, @UL and @MentalHealthIrl, this campaign hopes to encourage physical activity and engagement with nature, which will enhance the benefits of physical activity.

Notice - see nature around you - focus on the colours, the sounds you hear, the different smells, the feeling of the plants and grass. Use your different senses.

Active - physical activity in green or blue space helps you feel good and connect with others. When you get a chance to go outside, take a photo or video so you can revisit when you need to.

Time in nature - spending time close to or immersed in nature can help you reflect and restore your energy levels by clearing your mind.

Understand - the lessons that nature has to teach us are never ending, just stepping out your back door can be the start of an outdoor adventure.

Revisit - think about times when you were in nature. This could have been a recent experience or even a childhood experience. Viewing photos of nature makes you feel positive.

Energise - using digital nature can facilitate short micro-breaks (2 min.) and will re-energise you, for example, looking at pictures of nature or listening to nature sounds.