Bike Week & European Week of Sport - Cycle Right elearning resource

 21 Sep 2020

Cycle Right - Cycle Training for All

CYCLE RIGHT is the National Standard for Cycle Training and provides practical cycle safety and skills training to promote competent and confident cyclists. CYCLE RIGHT is an inclusive programme.

CYCLE RIGHT is produced and supported by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, the Road Safety Authority and Cycling Ireland, with input from central and local agencies and other groups. 


 For the first time, with CYCLE RIGHT, there is a defined standard of training in Ireland which means that:

  •  CYCLE RIGHT will offer those taking part the skills to cycle confidently on the road network, from novice to competent cyclists. 
  •  CYCLE RIGHT is delivered over three stages with participants gaining skills and knowledge on a phased basis, preparing them to cycle in increasingly complex road scenarios. 
  •  All CYCLE RIGHT training is delivered by registered trainers Training will be delivered to the CYCLE RIGHT programme with defined outcomes and according to trainee/trainer ratios which benefit learning.

To find out more on the CYCLE RIGHT Programme, check out the website here  

As part of BIke Week and the European Week of Sport, Cycle Right has rceently luanched an eLearning Resource which can be used to increase your knowledge on critical areas such as: -

  • Preparing for the road – clothing, helmet, bike, conditions and wayfinding
  • Cycling with others – awareness of other road users, cycling in groups, cycling with children
  • Being on the road – positioning, turning, other vehicles
  • Knowing the roads – road infrastructure, slip roads, hard shoulders, cycle paths, bus lanes, rail tracks
  • Visibility – the importance of being seen on the road

Moving through a series of independent modules with accompanying narrative, films and interactive devices will illustrate the essential nature of key points for cyclists using the road network. Find answers to questions such as: -

  • What does a cyclist need to watch out for when approaching a slip road?
  • What are the different pieces of equipment an adult carrying a child should be aware of?
  • What is the best way to cross a tramline?

Each module has its own short self-test and the course is digitally certified.

To avail of the elearning resource, click here to start